Fans of Fermentation (Limited Edition)



3 Kombynation Co. kombuchas (Original Komby, Berried Peaches, Gingeric Passion)

3 Binjai Brew beers (Error 404, Set B, B Hazy)

If you like fermentation (~and getting caught in the rain~), have we got the pack for you. Not unlike how bacteria and yeast work in symbiosis to produce great tasting kombucha, we’ve worked together to bring you this awesome pack. With 3 varieties of kombucha and 3 styles of beer, there is something for everyone in this pack. Also, it will only be available for a limited time, so get it while it’s up.

Fun Fact: Kombynation Co. and us have similar founding stories. At around the same time we were brewing beer in Binjai Hall, the founders of Kombynation, Ethan and Mareen, were brewing up kombucha while in their last semester of university. After realising how much we have in common, we’ve been in touch ever since to share the ups and downs of life as young founders of F&B companies.