Binjai Brew Turns Two

Reaching 2 years is a milestone because at so many points in this journey, we felt that we did not have it in us to continue. But here we are, turning officially 2, in a year where finding clarity was difficult. We will be throwing a mini celebration at Gravy Restaurant in Tanjong Pagar, pairing their delectable Indian food with our beer and we hope to see you there.

During the circuit breaker, when Covid-19 struck Singapore the hardest, we were fortunate to be granted permission to continue selling beer, and our website experienced the most traffic since our launch. We were getting so many orders from all over Singapore, that we were scrambling to fulfil them. We made it a point to deliver to each household by ourselves as best as we could, and we evolved our offering over time based on feedback that we got from everyone.

The Binjai Brew logo which was featured prominently on our initial cans, slowly began to take a backseat, with our atom gradually taking up a focal point. Our naming convention also evolved, with beer names now incorporating a B on it. We launched Plan B, a Passionfruit Milkshake IPA, during lockdown, and it was a hit. The success of Plan B made us realise that people liked to try something different, the same way we love to try the seasonal McDonalds burgers. And with that realisation, we decided to add to our beer portfolio. B Hazy, a New England IPA, soon followed, along with Nib B, a Chocolate Cherry Stout.

At some point during Circuit Breaker, we had 6 different beers available which was incredibly exciting, but it was difficult to manage inventory and having enough of each beer. When we first started out back in 2018, as fresh-faced graduates of Nanyang Technological University, we launched our brand with an online website, and all our beers were available through cans. Right now, as some of you have noticed, the only cans which we sell on our website are those of the latest beers. This is in line with us focussing on draft distribution since the start of Phase 2. We finally found a home in Gravy Restaurant, at both their outlets in Tanjong Katong and Tanjong Pagar. And we will be setting up in another restaurant sometime next week. And maybe, just maybe, we will turn 3. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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