You should start buying beer in cans instead of bottles and here’s why.

Image by Joel Lim from Timeout

Ever wondered why some beers are stored in cans while others are in bottles? If you chanced upon this article, you are probably thinking what kind of beer to get for that stay-home Happy Friday, late night OT or even as a gift to surprise your friends. While bottled beer has been around for a long time and is often associated with “higher quality” imported beer, it is obvious why cans are a clear winner for storing beer when it comes to several factors. Brands and styles aside, let us explore why cans are the better storage vessel for your beer.

Better for the beer

The taste of beer can worsen rapidly if stored improperly. In fact, light and oxygen can react with certain molecules in beer to create compounds that cause your beer to taste bad. For the geeky folks (like us), light-sensitive hops can undergo photo-oxidation to produce 3-methylbut-2-ene-1-thiol (a compound similar to a skunk’s odor) that leaves you with a skunked beer. Compared to glass bottles, cans are 100% light-tight and air-tight which minimises these negative effects.

Myth buster: Will cans leave a metallic taste in the beer? Not at all, the beer does not come into contact with metal as there is a coating on the can’s inner surface, it is likely that the smell of metal when you drink from a can is affecting your taste.

Pro tip: Pour your beer into a glass to get the full flavour and aroma experience! You will not regret it.

Better for the environment

It is commonly known that transportation is a major contributor to pollution and global warming. Cans, being lighter and more stackable than bottles, use less energy and space in transportation which reduces its carbon footprint. An empty beer can weighs just 16g while an empty beer bottle weighs 180g on average, making it more than 10 times lighter in comparison.

When it comes to recycling, cans (which are made from aluminium) are also more cost effective and efficient than glass bottles. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable as it does not lose its properties and recycling a can uses 95% less energy than producing a new one. Glass, on the other hand, needs to be sorted by colour (clear, green, brown) before it can be recycled and has a significantly lower recycling rate compared to metals in Singapore.

But of course, the most environmentally-friendly way to enjoy that pint of beer is still on-tap at your favorite local bar.

Better for you

At last, we believe that with a can of beer, you can bring it anywhere with you. From the sandy beaches of Sentosa to the top of Bukit Timah hill, you can enjoy your beer easily without fearing that it will break or having a beer opener. What’s more, cans cool down faster and will be perfect for those days when you forgot to chill your beer before a party!

So the next you are buying beer, consider reaching for those 6-pack cans instead. You can thank us for this later.

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