Here’s how Plan B came to be.

Hello there, puddings!! I’m Eden, the small bean that inspired the beer name and can label for ‘Plan B’ and here’s the story of how it came to be.

A long time ago, in a land faraway, Rahul revealed to me the inspiration behind naming the Belgian Witbier as “Set B”. It was basically the quintessential Singaporean breakfast set of kaya toast, half-boiled eggs, and coffee that they were referencing, for the bready mouthfeel that the beer brought (which was appropriate, considering how beer is, liquid bread). Turns out, they discovered this combination by accident, and I was immediately disappointed that they did not name it “Plan B” instead. You know, which is what contingency contraceptives are also called, to prevent accidents. HOMEBOY DID NOT CATCH MY DRIFT WHEN I SUGGESTED IT… until a couple of days later when he Googled Plan B and educated me that it’s called the morning-after pill in Singapore. The more you know.

Some weeks later, the founders conceived (hehe) a new beer concoction and were looking for a name. You already know, yours truly petitioned for “Plan B” aggressively, and by aggressively, I mean “Hey remember that one time you promised to name your next beer ‘Plan B’? Just a gentle reminder to not break your promise. Thanks.” They were going to name this beer “The Unorthodox Juicebox”. I wouldn’t be that mad just because I used to carry a milk box around during graduate school (no shame, I loved my Horizon Organic Vanilla Milk). But promises. They delivered (hehe). AND since this was a discussion that happened back in May, we thought why not just tie it all up and raise awareness about teenage pregnancy prevention. Thus, born (hehe) the beer can design of a tropics-esque lady with her hands on her belly area for a curiosity-arousing (hehe) and boozy good time!

Anyway, I swoop in again (ugh the things they put me through) and draw Rahul some atrocious sketches of potential beer can designs and some social media content before he digitizes them properly. Cheers.

*Insert something about people falling in love, overcome some hurdles before they could get together* and they lived happily ever after. The End.

(P.S. please avoid alcohol when pregnant.)

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